Monday, July 13, 2009

I'm Back

Managed to put in a full workday today, at last. (I've been working in fits and starts over the last few days, but also fighting off a bacterial infection in my lungs. ISMB travel -> jet lag -> contracted a cold & had a depressed immune system -> my new prokaryotic friends decided to colonize me. Fuckers.)'s what's up. I have a package for Python called bpp. bpp contains everything in Utils (minus a couple of objects such as BppString, which the user doesn't need, anyway). As near as I can tell, it works. Haven't done extensive unit testing, but what little I have played with all functions beautifully.

So I started working on NumCalc. Found that there were many more header files I needed to convert to SWIG .i files. And here's where things began to get interesting. SWIG needs these .i interface files in order to define the hooks into the underlying C++ libraries. Basically, these are just the header files with a few minor modifications. Well, they would be except that for some reason the biopp .h files contain an awful lot of source code. I don't know why--maybe there's a good reason that Julien et al. did that. But from my perspective, it means a lot more work on my part, trying to edit everything down so I just have the prototypes of the functions. Seriously...there are thousands of lines of actual algorithmic source code in the header files. I have never seen this be a good idea.

Anyway, today's big accomplishment was to automate a lot of the procedure. Thanks to that, I have every .i file for NumCalc completed, though not tested.

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  1. Hi Adam - have you suggested a better solution to the Biopp developers or community? Have they explained why they made the choices they made?