Friday, July 31, 2009

So Close...

Got PhylLib working. (That is, it runs within Python with no obvious errors.)

Turned my attention to PopGenLib. I got it all compiling, except for one object: CoordsTools. That has mysterious compiling errors that are annoying me.

Here's what I know about the object:

  • It's defined within CoordsTools.h, and there's no CoordsTools.cpp.
  • No other file #includes it.
  • Because of these two facts, it doesn't actually get compiled with anything, when one compiles PopGenLib. Accessing the object would require one to specifically #include CoordsTools.h.
  • It's pretty much a static object--the only function of import is one to calculate the distance between two different "coordinates" that are of templated type.
  • It hasn't been modified in just over 5 years.
  • All the errors I'm having seem to be errors within the .h file itself. There are no issues I can see with the wrapper file.
  • Bio++ documentation doesn't even list it as a proper member of the bpp namespace.

Given all of this, I'm guessing it's an orphaned file. It may be that it didn't get included with some of the project's recent bug fixes, to allow the files to be compiled under current versions of gcc (or to be part of the bpp namespace). In any case, I'm seriously inclined to ignore the stupid thing. We're talking about one function, that's not called anywhere else.

So, with this exception...I think I'm almost done with writing these .i files. I need to put them all together into a single python object, but that should be easy to do. I'll do it in the morning, when my head is clear.

After that...I start the serious bug testing.

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