Saturday, July 25, 2009

I'm Back

Back home yesterday afternoon. Slept a lot, but now I'm back in action. Watching myself much more carefully this time, to make sure that jet lag doesn't turn into an infection, again.

I managed to work for a couple of hours each day I was in Japan, trying to finish up numcalc. Got almost all the interface files working just fine. Two exceptions. First, LUDecomposition.i doesn't work. SWIG seems to run fine, but then it gives me some scoping errors when I try to compile the resulting wrapper C++ files. Tried several variants, but I couldn't get it working. It's a minor issue though--it doesn't seem to be necessary for any of the other wrappers. Second exception is Matrix.i, which I'll touch on in in relation to the next problem.

Got all of the interface files for seqlib put together. Running through them now, though a couple still have bugs to work out. Some of it is leading back to Matrix.i inside of numcalc, that I never quite got working. That is, it all compiles, but I'm having trouble wrapping the templates. The RowMatrix object inherits from a vector of vectors. Really not pretty at all, and I'm worried the SWIG can't handle it. This problem's going to need to go to the SWIG mailing list, I'm afraid.

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