Monday, July 27, 2009

SeqLib Done

I'm getting better and better at this. The SeqLib library has been SWIGified. I'm running it right now in Python, without any errors that I've been able to find.

As part of getting this done, I had to fix the Matrix.i problem within the NumCalc library. It was convoluted, but basically I had to explicitly define a SWIG %rename for a vector to a vector.

Of course, there is one small change in the Python version of SeqLib that needs to be mentioned. Python doesn't support operator overloading in which the overloaded function isn't a part of the class--and there were two functions like that within the Site object of the SeqLib library. After playing with them for a while, I finally decided to just not include them.

So...this coming week I try to do the final two libraries: PhylLib and PopGenLib. Since both of them are smaller than SeqLib, I hope to have them done pretty quickly.

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