Wednesday, June 17, 2009


And things were going so smoothly.

The xxx_wrap.cxx files that SWIG makes do not compile. I get about two pages worth of bugs, some of which seem to be syntax errors. This makes me unhappy, to say the least. What kind of tool outputs code that can't compile?

Back up a bit...I have to assume that I did something wrong in the .i file. The errors seem to indicate that this might be a namespace issue. (And unfortunately, namespaces are new enough that they weren't teaching them when I learned C++.) It's telling me that classes I try to compile aren't part of the bpp namespace. Looking through the original source, it seems that might be correct. All the .cpp files indicate that we're using the bpp namespace, so that we can access functions in it without having to precede everything with bpp::. But nothing actually seems to be in it. On the other hand, the function prototypes are in bpp in the .hpp files.

Honestly, I'm ready to just try to rip out all references to the namespace from the original source, and see if it works. I'm very unhappy with this--I'd hoped that I was all ready to roll, and to get some serious work done. Instead, I'm thinking that this is going to take me another week to get through. I'm not fulfilling what I've promised to do, and that infuriates me.

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