Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Operator Issue

Just solved something that's been plaguing me for a week. I figured out why the example code in the SWIG docs weren't working with operator overloading--namespaces. The docs showed %rename and %extend being used with little difficulty, but all their examples were small enough that they didn't use namespaces. And Xin's notes said to use %rename toward the beginning of the file. No effect...but as soon as I tried putting these statements inside the bpp namespace, it all worked. (And it only took me several hours to figure out...)

Only one issue is left--the "incomplete" string class. I've sent another note to the SWIG mailing list, this time without the problem being buried way down in the note. Hopefully someone will see it.

Going to take a dinner break right now, then come back to this later.

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