Friday, August 14, 2009

203 (So Close...)

Wanted to finish today, but didn't quite make it.  Did 15 objects today. Many of those were quite large, in fact (hence not quite making it).

I also managed to address the const vector problem. I managed to get constructors that returned null objects, but otherwise didn't crash. (At least, until you tried to use the null object--then it's segfault city.) It turns out that when you use %extend to create a new constructor inside of SWIG, it's not really a constructor. It's more of a pseudo-constructor, that looks like a constructor from inside of your scripting language. Thus, you need to explicitly return something--hence my null value. Once I added that in, it was golden.

So what objects am I going to unit test for my last 5? Ideally, I'd like to do more file-formatting stuff, which Bio++ uses to read and write files of specific types. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find example files for most of those, and the descriptions I've found have been lacking. I asked Julien and company if maybe they had some example files--after all, they had to debug them using something. But, I haven't heard anything back.

Option #2 would be to just knock off some Exception objects inside the phyl library. This seems like cheating, somehow. I mean, Exceptions are quick and easy, and I could have my 208 objects within 20 minutes. But having those unit tested doesn't buy us that much.

Probably, I'm going to slog through the few functions remaining in seq, which involves a large number of static utility functions that do random things. Those will be slow to do, but it seems more responsible. After all, if I didn't have this deadline looming over me, that's what I'd do next. Having those tested is really worth something.

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