Saturday, August 8, 2009

92 Objects Unit-Tested

I've backtracked a bit on my counting method. Before, if a new object to be tested seemed to be abstract, I just called it abstract and counted it toward my total. This made me a little nervous though, and I realized that it also meant duplicated testing. That is, if Object1 and Object2 both inherit from abstract ObjectA, I would be testing ObjectA's functions twice. So I've redone things, so that I use say Object1 to test ObjectA's functions, under ObjectA. So there are a few abstract objects that have been removed from my total--but I think the count is more honest this way.

92 are done, after 5 days. 30 of those are from utils, done in the first 3 days. 62 are from numcalc. At this rate, I'll have ~250 objects after my 14 days have passed.

Tomorrow, I think I'm going to stop working with numcalc, since most of the things in there don't get seen by end-users, anyway. I'm going to start with seq, where some of the real meat is.

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